Art Center

The PhilExcel Art Center is envisioned as a dynamic fulcrum for contemporary art in Central Luzon – a meeting place where Filipino visual artistic communities can share and appreciate their works with the public. The Center also has an art space for all ages to inspire artists to further nurture their skills and creativity, and for art enthusiasts to discover and explore their creative abilities.

The Philexcel Art Center incorporates the Jack Nasser collection. These are Filipino Artworks mainly collected in the 1960s and 1970s by the founder of Philexcel, Jack Nasser.

Jack and his brothers established a major garment manufacturing plant in Manila in the 1950s which grew into the largest factory in the Philippines.

Loving every aspect of Filipino life, Jack supported local artist from the Mabini art tradition. He collected over 100 paintings and numerous scupltures. His family welcomes the opportunity to share this cultural heritage by exhibiting the collection with free public access.

A sample of paintings are shown below including famous artists such as Gabriel Custodio and Cesar Buenaventura.